Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan Zone®

Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology is more than a beauty treatment! In addition to smoother more radiant skin, a Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology treatment truly benefits other body systems.

How does it work? Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology maps reflect different zones, including organs and nervous systems. The points and zones on the skin are stimulated and the corresponding area (organ or body system) receives benefits.

Get Radiant from the inside out!

Facial reflexology addresses the symptom, helping bring balance and healing by stimulating zones and points on the face that correspond to related systems. Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology is a unique modality for the three reasons below:

Multireflexology modality. It is performed in the presence of all 5 sense organs simultaneously, For example with Dien Chan treating a point for the shin, which at the same time, reflects the feet and bladder. It also helps muscular areas, back pain, and allergies.

By rebalancing energy and restoring the natural energy flow, healing is supported working with natural body wisdom. Dien Chan Zone reflexology maps reflect organs of the body and the nervous system. It is also a modality that refers to multiple therapeutic currents, using the maps to stimulate energy channels like the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. (TCM).

The best part is after having 3 treatments you receive a Dien Chan Zone® map so you can continue the process at home independently, at any time, helping relieve symptoms in your body, every day, as often as you choose within 21 day intervals with a 7 day break.

Facial Reflexology — Dien Chan Zone®

$85 (Dien Chan Zone® basic protocol) – 45 minutes
$25 (Hydrolift facial add on to Dien Chan Zone®) – 15 minutes
$125 (Dien Chan Zone® basic protocol with one additional map) – 75 minutes
We begin our session with an in-depth consultation to determine which Dien Chan Zone® map(s) address your symptoms.
$150 (Dien Chan Zone® basic protocol with map)
After treatment, a map with instructions is given to use at home.
Prerequisite of receiving 2 Dien Chan Zone® basic protocol treatments.

After the session, you will be given a copy of your map to take home and practice daily self-healing for 21 days. A break of 7 days is then required. After the 7 day break, even if all symptoms have dissipated, you will continue with the map assigned for another 21 days and may come in for a professional session.

Dien Chan Zone sessions can be booked alone or paired with a Radiant Boost Hydrolift facial. In the case of pairing with a facial treatment, the Dien Chan Zone session will be administered AFTER the facial. During the Dien Chan Zone session, it is important that a deep energetic connection be made. We begin our session with an in-depth consultation to determine which Dien Chan Zone map(s) address your symptoms.

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How Does it Work?

Opens blocks and restores the natural flow of energy in the body. The body signals a problem by means of pain or discomfort. Such a symptom indicates an energy block.

An energy block means there is a difficulty in circulation for the energy itself, along with the vital life force which nourishes our body. It is never a synonym for illness, but only a major request for energy (circulation of blood, lymph, nervous, respiratory, digestive, or purely energetic) by one or more organs or systems.

With the possibility to stimulate and explore these “interesting” areas by ourselves throughout the day, we can regulate and encourage the movement of global energies in the body with particular attention to the zone which signaled the symptom.

What is it Used For?

Skin, beauty, and wellness.

Skin and beauty treat wrinkles, blemishes, scars, cellulite, and water retention among others.

Supports wellness
Prevention used to rebalance and further balance the immune system.  The wellness benefits of Dien Chan Zone are endless. From calming the nervous system to insomnia, chronic back pain, female-specific ailments to digestive disorders.

Support for chronic symptoms
A treatment of 30 to 60 minutes is recommended where the chosen system is worked until a relaxation or relief is felt. Every time that you work symptom areas affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual condition of the recipient in relation to the chosen organ.