Radiant Renewal

Radiant Renewal

Re-enter the world Radiantly!

With the city reopening and many social activities in full swing, it can be very exciting to get out again, and yet it may also feel a little uncomfortable.

I’m here to help!  Here’s a 7-point checklist to help navigate coming out of hibernation and into the world … Radiantly!

  1. Have fun

Get out and be social while remembering to schedule time just for you. Dip your toe in with breaks of time to rejuvenate and rest. It will not only keep you looking your best, you’ll feel even better when out and about!

  1. Start new beauty and wellness routines

Starting a new beauty routine can be easy and soon second nature. Now more than ever, giving yourself some “me” time will feel good from the inside out and give you extra energy to enjoy more. Your skin will thank you!

  1. Regular face and neck massage

Gua Sha is an excellent place to start. This ancient practice can lessen muscle tension stored in your face and neck, increase circulation while keeping your skin cells healthy. Done regularly, this practice naturally exfoliates dead skin cells and firms tissue. This massage routine actually aids in lymphatic drainage to provide a beautiful lift and radiant glow.  Gua Sha treatments can up-regulate the innate and adaptive immune functions of the skin and boost the response against microbes. The best part; it feels amazing!

PS I can help get you started with oil or hydration crème customized for you, and recommend tools such as jade roller made with rose quartz for a little extra skin love. You can also treat yourself to a Total Radiance Gua Sha facial.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Yes moisturizers help protect and hydrate your skin’s barrier and I offer excellent hyaluronic acid-based options; however, keeping your skin hydrated is also an inside job! How can you keep yourself hydrated from the inside out? DRINK!

  1. DRINK water! As you know eight (8-ounce) glasses per day, and more if your activity level is high. Fresh young coconut water is my go-to on hot sweltering days or to keep dehydration at bay when traveling. It is not only thirst-quenching and refreshing but loaded with electrolytes. Electrolytes are key to keep you hydrated. Electrolytes are the minerals responsible for directing water to those areas in your body that need it most. They also help maintain optimal fluid balance within cells themselves. You can make your own electrolyte water. There are many types of powders, travel packets and tablets when added to water give an electrolyte boost. My favorite is pink lemonade by Ultima. Tastes great sweetened with stevia and not the high sugar content found in many.
  1. DRINK collagen! The verdict is still out on collagen powders. I recommend getting it from foods high in collagen. My favorite? Bone broth, which is naturally high in collagen, protein and good fats. Quick, easily absorbed, with many other health benefits and delicious too!
  1. DRINK your vitamin A! Carrots, leafy greens (especially dark green), and sweet potatoes are all high in Vitamin A. Get a juicer and juice away these Vitamin A rich powerhouses! Vitamin A helps maintain skin elasticity. Adding fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber and celery not only taste great, but with their high water content, will add extra hydration.
  1. DRINK sunshine vitamin D! Vitamin D triggers receptors that help skin barrier formation. There are many options in Vitamin D drops to sprinkle in any of the above drinks.
  1. Vitamin C inside and out

Applying Vitamin C Serum is one of the best topical ingredients for radiant skin, hands down.  There is a ton of research claiming Vitamin C protects against environmental aggressors, fades hyperpigmentation and collagen and elastin production.  Good quality Vitamin C Serum such as Catalyst AC11 works wonders on all skin types to even out and brighten tone. Yes Vitamin C is an inside job too. Vitamin C attracts free radials and stimulates fibroblast production, which are the cells creating tissue that helps keep skin firm and healthful. Bonus… taking 2000-4000 ml Vitamin C throughout the day is one of the biggest immune boosters of all.  In fact, a lack of Vitamin C can even make you more prone to getting sick.

  1. Beauty rest rejuvenates!

The importance of rest and regular sleep shouldn’t be overlooked. Puffy eyes and a tired-looking face are often attributed to inadequate or disturbed sleep, which can wreak havoc on your skin, wellness and your mood. Recent studies have shown that poor sleep quality can contribute to increased signs of aging causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear prematurely and possibly a contributing factor to illness. Your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol when you don’t get enough sleep. Cortisol can break down skin collagen and be a contributor to weight gain. Not getting enough sleep also lessons the body’s growth hormone production. As we get older, growth hormone helps thicken skin, and increase muscle mass. So get your zzzz’s!  We’ve all heard about getting eight hours of sleep, but sometimes we need a little more or a little less. #1 listen to your body wisdom.

  1. Get regular facials and restorative body treatments

During hibernation, many of us couldn’t because it simply wasn’t feasible, but getting regular facials is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy, radiant glow.  Although it may seem like a luxury, a regiment of one facial each month aligns with the natural renewal cycle of your skin cells.  Budgeting time and money for regular facials may be easier than you think.  The extra restorative benefits will put a skip in your step. Total Radiance beauty treatments benefit not only your skin; they benefit other body systems, supporting wellness. The extra energy and renewal you feel after your customized treatment could be used for extra productivity or more energy and enjoyment each day.

I’d love to hear from you if you try even one or two of these tips.

If you want a jumpstart on putting your best face forward and becoming your most radiant self, I’m here to give a boost to your beauty and help you look and feel your most radiant self safely, effectively and FAST.

Over the past year, I added new treatments including collagen induction therapy and Gua Sha that stand alone or work together with other treatment offerings designed to create your total radiance.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

The best way to determine your customized treatment plan starts with a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Here I will listen to your goals and concerns, share what I see, followed by recommendations and the most effective way to start.


I’m excited to help you look your best inside and out and re-enter the world… Radiantly.