Hygiene Hacks

Hygiene Hacks

I have the privilege to do restorative beauty treatments and love my clients.

I am fortunate to have weekly visits with my elderly parents.

In this new climate, I find it imperative to develop new habits to support a strong immune system. I hope you see something new to incorporate into your day.

Use EPA or CDC-approved disinfectant wipes across surfaces you are touching, (i.e. exercise equipment, tray tables on planes, armrests). Wait for 6 to 10 minutes to dry. This means I get to exercise class early (a miracle for me), to wipe down before using, repeating when I’m done. It’s super quick and easy to clean the equipment I use (Pilates station, weight machines, or Bellicon trampoline) and has already become a habit.

Wash your hands, including your third hand — the phone after being in public places. I disinfect my phone with an EPA-approved disinfectant spray and let it dry for at least 6 minutes. (10 minutes is reported as the max reported time for the disinfectant to work.)

Use a UV sanitizer wand* over your coat and shoes before putting away. When I return home, I take my coat and shoes off at the door. Keep the UV wand at the door for ease of use and a reminder to self.

Place phone, keys, pen, gloves, glasses, etc. in a UV disinfection box* for 1 minute while washing hands ~ Keep a hand/nail brush in the kitchen in a small bowl by the sink. Yes, 20 second-hand washing with a hand/nail brush isn’t necessary, but it feels nice and pampering. A good reminder to clean thoroughly. A hand/nail brush can easily go into the dishwasher to clean.

Dry your hands with a disposable paper towel instead of a reusable hand towel. Today the hygienic benefit of disposable paper towels overrides limiting waste.

Make a conscious effort to keep your hands off of your face. We touch our faces on average 23 times a day. It can be a challenge to stop. Hygiene hack ~ wearing a basic face mask when alone can remind us and develop a habit of not touching our face. Save N95 respirator masks, used only if you become ill and need to go to the doctor, or are caring for someone ill.

Reduce stress and increase quality sleep. Nutraceuticals like magnesium, magnolia (nature’s valium) or CBD drops, can help you to slow down, relax and get great sleep.

*If you don’t have access to a UV disinfection box or wand, Clorox makes a disinfecting spray (EPA approved) that can be spayed on phones, keys, glasses, and even clothes and shoes.