Wellness Unlocked

Wellness Unlocked

A Path to Creating Radiant Skin, Health, and Beauty

My 2019 and ongoing commitment to you? Bringing the best-customized treatments and holistic skincare regimen, that will not only create the most radiant skin you’ve experienced since your early years but also have the benefit of helping you FEEL your most radiant self.

To this end, I knew it was important to add the sacred healing art of facial reflexology. It is one of the programs I have been enrolled in this year and treatments I will be adding to my practice and sharing with you in May.

Dien Chan Zone® Facial Reflexology is a multi-reflexology modality which means points and zones on the face correspond to multiple areas of the body. Also, multiple therapeutic currents, stimulate energy channels like the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. By rebalancing energy and restoring the natural energy flow, healing is supported working with natural body wisdom.

I’ve deliberately chosen the Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology modality, as it finds the hidden messages in the body by starting with treating symptoms in the body. You may ask, “what is a symptom, and what types are treated?” Symptoms no matter how small and seemingly insignificant are your body’s way of speaking to you – of requesting energy – of letting you know precisely where there exists an imbalance in your circuitry. They manifest so that you may have the opportunity to address the issue and heal…. rebalancing your energy on all levels.

Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology addresses the issue and helps it heal by stimulating zones and points on the face that correspond to related systems. Stimulation of these areas helps repair and prevent imbalances of many kinds- ranging from inflammatory skin conditions, digestive problems, muscle, and joint pain, and much more. Similar to acupressure in its methodology, this facial reflexology technique is a wonderful support for those who are struggling with chronic health conditions.

After your session, you will be given a copy of your personalized map and you can give yourself a treatment at home. The recommended practice is daily for 21 days followed by a break of 7 days. After the 7 day break, even if all symptoms have dissipated, you will continue with the map assigned for another 21 days. At that time, another professional session can be scheduled.

All treatments I offer, also have a goal and end result of creating your skin at its radiant best. A Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology treatment is no different. It will support creating radiant skin, health, and beauty.

Appointments starting May. Schedule online or call 312.933.2440.